• Grocery
  • Frozen / Dairy
  • Meat / Produce
  • Bakery / Deli
  • HBC / GM
  • Confection
  • Food Services
  • C-Store

Our Technology

Carlin O’Brien Batson utilizes the latest in technological advancements to provide our Customers and our Retail Reps, with the best tools to get the job done.  Using “I” devices and laptops, our retail reps, management and account managers have access to real time information pertaining to your products.  This allows us to stay on top of your products and make solid marketing decisions to keep your products flowing from shelf to customer.

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MV Retail ™

The MV Retail (TM) iPad Application is a true, mobile, team management tool, which empowers us with the ability to collect real-time data in the field, while tracking, responding and taking action on your projects and requests in an instant!

With MV Retail ™ Carlin O'Brien Batson is able to verifymvtab
  • distribution and speed-to-shelf
  • identify out of stock items
  • verify code numbers
  • track point-of-sale displays
  • make on-the-spot assignments of personnel
  • provide you with real-time validation

3rd Party Software
Our retail reps also use various 3rd party software, enabling:
  • Sales Sheets / Order Formspdf
  • Credit Forms
  • E-Signatures
    • Receive and send signed documents and sales sheets in real time, via email.

    • From pricing audits to distribution sheets, our team has the most relevant information at their fingertips.
    • Manipulate Word, Excel, Power Point documents on the go.docs

  • GenWeb™ is the industry's choice for web-based
    database management applications.
  • Completely integrated database.
    No redundant entry of information.
  • Only product available which was designed
    and developed for multiple market brokers,
    all information is controlled by
    a specific branch location.
  • The most flexible and comprehensive
    database available today.
  • Fully integrated with the other AFS/Becton
    Schantz products, such as Discovery™,
    Promo Assist® and Profile®.