• Grocery
  • Frozen / Dairy
  • Meat / Produce
  • Bakery / Deli
  • HBC / GM
  • Confection
  • Food Services
  • C-Store

Retail Specialists

Auditing Capability

Continuity Coverage
Carlin O'Brien Batson has 25 retail reps covering accounts from Grocery, Convenience and Club. These
reps are placed in a geographic territory that allows them to call on accounts on a regular
cycle allowing them the opportunity to sell, verify distribution, cut in new items and check
proper signage and item codes.

Hand’s on Merchandising
Carlin O'Brien Batson Retail Reps present all pre-sell to retail accounts working with distributors and
wholesales on ad cycles and TPR schedules. The reps also carry shelf tags, samples of new
items, planograms and product information to help enhance the sales call. They also will do
price checks, rotate product and work product out of backrooms onto the shelf or display.

Home Store Coverage
Carlin O'Brien Batson has separate home store personnel that covers “wall to wall” coverage in those
accounts that participate in those programs. These people are in addition to our everyday
retail sales team.

Real Time Tracking
Carlin O'Brien Batson utilizes the Telenav® Track system that is a hand held phone system supported by
Sprint phones. This systems allows us to log into the internet allowing us to utilize color
distributor pre-sells, Nielsen information and distributor codes. We also utilize a list of
manufacturer questions that are updated monthly to work within manufacturer objectives and
goals. A report can be generated daily as to the results of the sales and questions put into
the tracking system.

“Return to Aisle”
Carlin O'Brien Batson goes back to the basics, physically checking backrooms for product, putting
products on shelves, rotating merchandise and verifying distributor codes, distribution
and “point of sale”. Our people work all sections of the store, working with store personal
to make sure our manufacturer needs are being met. Our philosophy is “Do not leave the
account until all aspects of the call have been met”.

Carlin O'Brien Batson will arm the retail reps with shelf tags, planograms and goals to help execute
flawless “speed to shelf” on manufacture items. Monthly sales meetings as well as
weekly call in programs and daily work with programs by management ensures that these
opportunities are being met.